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Play a part in CAF RISE ABOVE:WASP

Play a part in CAF RISE ABOVE:WASP

The Commemorative Air Force has a very important campaign underway - and I want to ask for your support. The CAF RISE ABOVE: WASP is a new national educational initiative. Announced this initiative has several components which will benefit the CAF all the way down to the unit's and individual member's benefit.

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The three main components of CAF RISE ABOVE: WASP are:

1.) Members: This program, will be supported by the first-ever CAF WASP Squadron. This new squadron led by CAF Col Debbie King. Debbie and about 20 other CAF Colonels have formed the initial squadron and are seeking more charter members. (see below, how to join)

2.) Aircraft: For this program the CAF plans to acquire a WASP provenance AT-6 aircraft. One of the training aircraft that was flown by WASP in Sweetwater, Texas. This aircraft has been found and optioned for purchase. This aircraft will be flown and maintained by the new CAF WASP Squadron.

3.) Educational Film: A new proprietary film - Rise Above: WASP – is being produced with similar goals as Rise Above: Red Tail. This interactive film will tell the story of the WASP using new-technology to engage the viewer. The objective of the film with be to educate but also use the WASP story to inspire young girls and boys to "rise above" their circumstances in order to achieve their dreams.

4.) Unit-level Educational Program: We have identified a portable, inflatable dome-theater that can be acquired and utilized by all CAF units to make an educational impact within their local communities. With the existing and reformatted Rise Above: Red Tail and the to-be-produced Rise Above: WASP films, all units would have a high-quality, consistent educational base program to take to their local schools and/or to draw members of the community to their locations.

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As you can see, this is a historic and highly impactful program for the CAF. We have a huge supporter and leader of our fundraising committee in CAF National WASP Program Chair Heather Penney. Heather was one of the first female F-16 combat pilots and was one of two F-16 pilots on watch on Sept. 11, 2001; prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation's capital. Heather, Debbie and all of the leadership of the CAF is asking for your support in this effort. We have an amazing promo video, narrated by 3-time Academy Award Nominated actress; Sigourney Weaver. To watch click here.

So, how can you help?

1. You can help this project by financial support. Donations can be made by clicking here. Any amount is appreciated.

1. You can also help by spreading the word about this new project. Sharing this link-

Sharing this link with your friends via email or on social media, like Facebook will really help get our message to a larger audience. The more people who learn about this program, the better!

This program shows our leadership in the aviation and educational community and is something that all of you can be proud of, as members of the CAF. 

Please click on the Kickstarter link and support this program and encourage others you know to do the same.

Let's Keep the CAF Flying and moving forward!


P.S. I mentioned before that a new CAF WASP Squadron is forming. If you would like to join that squadron, please click here for the CAF WASP Squadron Application.

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