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Thank you Bob!

It is with a mixture of sadness and excitement that I announce that Bob Stenevik will retire from full-time employment from the CAF, effective July 15th. I am sad because for over 10 years “Uncle Bob” has been an institution here at the CAF. When Bob came on board, it was because the CAF had a problem with Safety and needed to change the way we operated and maintained our aircraft. Because of Bob’s extensive knowledge and even more intensive focus, our processes were overhauled and our safety record since his hiring speaks to the impact he has made.

Bob StenevikPersonally, Bob has been a fabulous employee and also a mentor to many – including me. His style is unique and storied throughout the industry. If it can be summed up succinctly, Bob is a no nonsense, straight-shooter and because of that, he is universally respected. His professionalism has reflected upon the entire CAF, such that we now occupy the leadership role with the FAA and other warbird organizations – where we belong.

I am excited for Bob and especially for Libby, so that he can now enjoy more time traveling with her and working in his beloved wood-work shop. Also, Bob has agreed to remain a consultant to the CAF to help in any way that he is needed in the transition or special projects where his experience and expertise is needed. Effective April 15th, Bob will relinquish the title and duties as the VP of Operations and Maintenance and will focus the reminder of his full-time employment on completing the new Living History Flight Experience (LHFE) exemption.

Bob has reached the point of comfort in his ability to retire because of the outstanding staff he has built around him and so I am happy to announce the following:

Effective April 15th David Oliver will be promoted to - CAF Vice President of Operations and Maintenance. In a short number of years, David has proven his capabilities in Operations and Maintenance. As the Operations Officer and PIC in the B29/B24 Squadron, David helped build the Airpower History Tour and earned the respect of his peers in the Squadron and around the CAF. David recently moved to the HQ Staff as the Director of Operations and Maintenance has performed admirably in that role.

Additionally, Jim Lasche will be promoted to Director of Operations and Maintenance. In a short time, Jim has made a large impact by taking charge of the new drug testing program for the CAF. Although outside the original scope of work for which Jim was hired, he has jumped in with both feet to keep the CAF compliant by creating and overseeing this complex program.

All three of these gentlemen are to be congratulated!
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