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Introduced in 2017, the members of The Victory Circle are an exclusive community of individuals dedicated to honoring American military aviation through flight, exhibition, education and remembrance who make an annual gift of $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000. Members enjoy VIP access to events and leadership, as well as other special privileges and gifts.

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We hope you will consider joining The Victory Circle. If you are interested in learning more about The Victory Circle, contact the Development Office at or (214) 330-1700.

On-line Flight Log

Thank you to our 2019 members of The Victory Circle

Charles Ahearn James Hicks Gerald Paul
Kevin Baines Roger Hoh Jennifer Pritzker
Gerald Bartolomucci Gary Holliday Gary Proos
Dwight Baum Bryon Huff Richard Quinn
Dan Beck Mark Jacober Robert Ratcliff
John Benish David James Tim Raupp
Mark Jon Bluth William Jensen Robert Roman
David Borgen Robert Johnson Stephen Russell
Laura Borgen Robert Keith Gene Salisbury
Anthony Bour Edward Keough Richard Sanders
Thomas Brown Ray Kinney Robert Schneider
Kathy Calta Ross Koningstein James Schroeder
David Carr John Kramer Penny Schroeder
Charles Cheever Harold Krie Calvin Schuler
George Chopelas Raymond LaFrey Donald Sherman
Thomas Coffey H. Kirke Lathrop John Simms
James Comer Drew Leander Bruce Smith
Stewart Dall Nicholas Lopardo Jeff Sortomme
John Doyle Steve Maitland Herbert Spenner
Arthur M. Fairley John McCune James Steverson
Robert Fuller Richard McKinzie James Stinson
Harry Garschagen Douglas McKissack John J. Stover
Tom Gideon Thomas Messeder Wes Stowers
Vernon Glenn John C. Meyer Don Taylor
Rolf Goeth David Morrison Thomas Taylor
Martyn Goosen Sam Nichols Fred Telling
James Gorman Pete Nixon Paul Thomas
Kenneth Gronwaldt Jimmie E. Owens Henry Tippie
Robert Grimm Richard Pandolfo Don Vandusen
Deanna Gunther John Paolo Robert Wegman
Dodd Hackman Robert Parker Tommy Wimberly
Richard Halfast Bruce Patterson Stephen Wright
Richard C. Henton


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