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CAF Rise Above: WASP Initiative

The Commemorative Air Force’s Rise Above Program provides young people with real-world examples of how courage, self confidence and perseverance can allow them to triumph over the adversity they face in their own lives. The upcoming CAF RISE ABOVE: WASP will tell the story of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) and their journey to become the first women to fly American Military Airplanes.

CAF RISE ABOVE: WASP will bring the remarkable history and legacy of the WASP to audiences of all ages, across the United States. Demonstrating that one can be successful, by remembering the principles embodied by the WASP.

To learn more, visit the CAF Rise Above: WASP website.

That’s All, Brother | The Plane that lead the D-Day Invasion

C-47 That's All, Brother has undergone a remarkable restoration, making its way to San Marcos, TX to begin preparations for the aircraft's return to Normandy in 2019!

To learn more about That's All, Brother, visit the CAF Central Texas Wing's website here.

Normandy 2019 | D-Day Squadron

In 2019, three CAF aircraft will be making their way back to Normandy for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. The aircraft, C-47 That's All, Brother, C-53 D-Day Doll and C-47 Bluebonnet Belle, will join a fleet of 16 American aircraft from across the country as part of the D-Day Squadron organized by the Tunision Foundation.

In June 2019, the D-Day Squadron, part of the Tunision Foundation, will lead an American fleet of historic, restored C-47 World War II military aircraft in Daks Over Normandy, a flyover of more than 30 international aircraft to drop 250 paratroopers over the original 1944 drop zones in Normandy commemorating the 75th anniversary of D-Day. The event will honor the citizen soldiers of the War, whose bravery led the Allies to the liberation of France, and then to an end of the devastating War in Europe. The Squadron’s education program takes the compelling story of the citizen soldier to audiences at airshows and events off the flight line to honor these brave Americans and ensure their memory and significance is appreciated for generations to come. Learn more at

CAF National Airbase

The master plan for the CAF National Airbase campus project in Dallas, Texas includes several separate phases, including an education center with indoor/outdoor event space, a hangar, a museum, and an aviation high school. Dividing up the project into phases allows us to fundraise in smaller increments and build sooner. Keeping in line with our desire to promote education, the first phase currently in development is the CAF National Aviation Education Center.

This 47,000 sq ft facility comprises a large STEM Innovation Hangar, technical workshop spaces, classroom/lab areas, distance learning capabilities, and display/exhibit space for the CAF's extensive collection of WWII focused aviation artifacts. This facility represents our goal to develop educational programs that teach students about aviation sciences and history to develop leadership skills and generate interest in aviation-related careers. The budget for this phase is $8 million, which was reached in December 2018. The budget now includes an expanded stretch goal of $10 million.

Wings Over Dallas Event Sponsorship

Experience Wings Over Dallas

Featuring dozens of historic aircraft and a Doolittle Raid Anniversary re-enactment, the 2017 event was a resounding success with more than 15,000 people in attendance, including visitors from 23 states, 4 countries and attendees from all over the DFW Community and over 50 World War II veterans. The future vision is for CAF Wings Over Dallas to become the nation’s preeminent World War II themed airshow and military reenactment event.


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