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The Education Department has created toolboxes of activities for Units to use when working with youth. Hands-on science of flight, STEM and aviation activities are available for a variety of age levels and time frames. has a host of activities and best practices to assist Units in providing quality experiential learning to youth in a simple and inexpensive manner.

The National Airbase educational program is an incubator for new programs and activities that could be utilized and modeled at the Unit level.

Utilize the educational expertise of the CAF Education Team to host youth at your Unit. Our team can assist with best practices including youth protection, privacy and photo/media challenges, activity selection, data collection and implementation of programs.


Looking to increase meaningful volunteer opportunities and recruit new members? Implementing a successful educational outreach program will not only benefit your community, it will strengthen your current membership base. Capitalize on your unit’s passion to share the inspirational messages of the CAF and inject new energy into your group.

Units are encouraged to host students in informal settings, such as scouting, and work with formal education by inviting classrooms and clubs in to experience the tools of the CAF. Unit members are also encouraged to visit schools for career day, reading to classes, or any other opportunity that introduces students to STEM and aviation. Contact the CAF Education Team and find resources on


Each unit should strive to have an Education Officer to ensure adequate facilitation of your education initiatives that will lead to an overall successful program. The CAF Education support team will provide the guidance and resources needed for this officer to thrive, which will result in an increase to your unit’s community impact.

The Education Officer should look for opportunities to engage with youth to promote the CAF, STEM and aviation learning. These opportunities include but are not limited to:

• Airshow or Unit events that include an education area

• Informal education programs, such as scouts or clubs

• Formal education with schools o Inviting classes to the Unit for aviation and STEM activities, special events or guest speakers o Going to the school(s) for Career Day, reading to students (aviation-related book, and/or wearing a flight suit), bringing in aviation or historical tools, providing a STEM or aviation activity for classroom or school event

It is the responsibility of the Education Officer to ensure all volunteers and the Unit are complying with the Youth Protection and Interaction Policy, media use and hold harmless directives. The Education Officer will have access to the Sterling Volunteers dashboard showing the list of volunteers who are cleared through a background check to work with youth. Click here for more information about CAF Youth Interaction and Protection.:

Connect with the Education Team and your fellow CAF Education Officers!

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