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Because you want to use FLIGHT of historic military aircraft in an EXHIBITION of the spirit in which these airplances were flown in REMEMBRANCE of those who fought for our freedom. There are many ways to become a member of the CAF.

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Do I have to be a pilot?

You need not be a veteran or a pilot to join the CAF. Membership is open to all men and women, age 18 or older. The CAF also has a cadet program for those under 18. However, if you are a pilot and would like to learn about flying CAF Aircraft, click here.

Together with the CAF's fleet of aircraft, our members are the CAF's greatest asset. Members engage with the mission to protect these rare flying monuments to freedomfor future generations through preservation, education, exhibition and airshows.

Benefits of Membership

 Being a member of one of the premier warbird organizations is a honor. And the CAF is honored to have you join us. We have some added benefits to entend to you.

You can learn about additional member benefits here.


Organizations We Support

The Commemorative Air force is honored to be part of the aviation and warbird community. There are some fantastic organizations out there that we work with and support.

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