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Guide 10 - Unit Level Employees & Contractors

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Published date: Apr 12, 2024

This guide was created to assist Unit Staff Officers in performing their duties while managing and supervising a Unit Level CAF employee. This regulation should be used by Unit Staff Officers.



This guide was created to assist Unit Staff Officers in performing their duties while managing and supervising a Unit Level CAF employee.

  1. Who Should Use this guide?

    All Unit Staff Officers should use this Guide.

  2. Changes:

    This is your organization. Any CAF Member, Unit Staff Officer or employee may recommend changes to any CAF publication. Recommendations may be submitted in any format; however, the specific document must be identified by number, title and date. The office of primary responsibility will evaluate recommendations within thirty (30) days and the individual or Unit will be notified of action taken.

No. of Printed Pages - 7 OPR: Controller Approved by: President Distribution: All Unit Staff Officers, CAF members upon request and Headquarters Staff as required.


The purpose of this guide is to establish standard policies for managing Unit Level CAF Employees, those that work at Unit facilities away from the National Headquarters. Unit’s who hire an employee also take on the responsibility for managing, paying and reporting on that employee.

  1. CAF Employee Handbook

All Unit level employees or Unit level temporary or permanent contractors are required to follow the CAF Employee Handbook. All policies are to be followed and any minor variations or changes from the requirements stated in Handbook to meet local Unit requirements must be coordinated and approved in writing by CAF Headquarters, Controller.

  1. Hiring: Any Unit desiring to hire a full time or part time employee or contractors with contracts totaling six or more consecutive, or cumulative, months and/or $5,000 in annual compensation, to support the Unit’s operation must coordinate with the CAF’s CFO and Controller before the person is hired. The Unit will prepare a business plan indicating the need for such contractor and plan to support this added expense.

• The Unit Leader will coordinate the salary with the CFO and the Unit is responsible for all payroll and insurance expenses. • The Unit Leader/Unit Staff will develop the position description for the employee, or contractor, and forward the draft position description to the CFO and the Controller for review and approval. • All standard personal identification, documentation and insurance information will be coordinated through CAF Headquarters via the onboarding process. Insurance questions will be answered by the Controller. • A personnel file will be established and maintained at CAF Headquarters. Access and control will be maintained in accordance with CAF policies. 3. Duties of the Unit Level Supervisor

The Unit Leader will be the direct supervisor of Unit level CAF employees/contactors. The Unit Leader will work in direct coordination with the CAF’s CFO and Controller for guidance and compliance with reporting requirements. Units may request approval to assign another Unit Officer to supervise the Unit’s employees/contractors. This action must be coordinated and approved in writing by CAF Headquarters, with the Controller. However, the Unit Leader is responsible that all applicable reports and regulations are followed. Additionally, the counterpart of the Unit Level employee/contractor will provide input on that person’s performance, demeanor and other items as necessary for inclusion in the annual performance appraisal.

  1. Unit Leader Responsibilities include:

• Obtaining and recording Unit Staff approval (a Unit Staff vote) for the paid staff position • Establishing the employee’s position description • Establishing the salary in coordination with the CAF Controller and the Unit’s Finance Officer (salary should comply with the CAF Employee Handbook) • Interviewing and hiring the employee • Establishing and monitoring the employee’s work schedule • Monitoring, training and evaluating the employee’s job performance • Conducting the employee’s annual performance review • Monitoring the employee’s vacation and sick leave time

  1. CAF Headquarters Responsibilities include:

• Review potential employee experience and capabilities • Review local compensation ranges for position • Establish the salary in coordination with the Unit Leader and Unit’s Finance Officer (salary should comply with the CAF Employee Handbook) • Provide input on employee’s annual evaluation • Monitor and report the employee’s vacation and sick leave time • Invoicing the Unit monthly

  1. HR/Payroll System

• Paylocity is the CAF’s HR/Payroll system. All employee pay information as well as other documentation for insurance, forms, etc. is kept there. • Each employee has access to their own information in the Paylocity portal. • All new hires are started in the system from the beginning, and this is where they fill out their employment documents, insurance, forms, etc. • Employees should request time off in Paylocity and send an email to their Supervisor (Unit Leader). The request is sent to the CAF Controller for approval and then entered in the Paylocity system. Employees can see how much leave time has been accrued and used.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions:

a. Who is the approval authority for hiring Unit Level employees/contractors?

Answer: First Step; The Unit Staff votes to establish the position and sets the salary for the employee. Second Step; The Unit submits the request to CAF HQ’s CFO along with the financial/business plan which demonstrates the need as well as the capability of the Unit to support this additional expense. Third Step; CAF Headquarters approves the position and coordinates hiring documentation with the Unit.

b. Will the employee be covered by the CAF’s insurance policies?

Answer: It depends on whether the employee is full time or part time. The Unit will be responsible for paying insurance premiums and all taxes associated with the position. Discussions with Headquarters about your plans for the employee before hiring are required and very important.

c. Who manages/supervises the Unit Level employee/contractor?

Answer: The Unit Leader is responsible for monitoring the employee’s performance, work schedule, vacation and sick leave. The employee should enter vacation or sick time requests into the Paylocity portal. The request is forwarded to the Controller at CAF Headquarters and approval will be requested from the Unit Leader. It is then added to the payroll system.

d. Where do I find a copy of the CAF Employee Handbook?

Answer: The employee can find the Employee Handbook within the employee’s Self Service portal in Paylocity (under Company). The Unit Leader can request one from the Controller.

e. What if we need to modify/revise one of the Headquarters policies to meet our local requirements?

Answer: Variations will probably occur, but they must be submitted to Headquarters for approval. Send requests to Controller.

f. Who handles dispute resolutions with the employee/contractor?

Answer: The guidelines in the CAF Employee Handbook will be followed by the Supervisor. The Unit Leader is the first level of supervision unless another officer has been approved through Headquarters to act as the employee’s supervisor. Assistance may be obtained from the CAF’s Controller.

g. Who is responsible for completing the employee’s annual evaluation in accordance with the CAF Employee Handbook?

Answer: Again, this is the Supervisors (Unit Leader’s) responsibility. The Supervisor must be familiar with the CAF’s Employee Handbook and follow those guidelines. The annual review and compensation requests must be submitted to CAF’s Controller.

h. Who approves any salary/compensation changes?

Answer: This is done at the Unit Level by coordination between the Unit Leader (Supervisor) and Unit Finance Officer. Any changes must be approved by Headquarters, CFO and be in line with CAF salary band grid listed within the CAF Employee Handbook.

i. Who is responsible for reporting accidents or injuries to the Unit Level Employee?

Answer: The Unit Leader is responsible for ensuring Headquarters is notified and an accident report is completed. However, any Unit officer can make the initial notification to Headquarters.

j. Is a paid Unit Level employee /contractor eligible to serve as a Unit Staff Officer?

Answer: No, this situation presents a conflict of interest and possible management issues.


Please do not hesitate to contact Headquarters for assistance. They are there to assist you.

Headquarters’ Contacts

Main number (214) 330-1700 CFO Ext. 109 Controller Ext. 117

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