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The Commemorative Air Force Unit Manual is comprised of 10 sections. Each section may be downloaded by clicking on the link and selecting whether you want to open (view) it or save it to your system.

Unit Manual Cover and Table of Contents Revised 3/2023 Download

Section 1-Unit Structure Revised 4/2024 Download

Section 2-Unit Regulations and Policies Revised 4/2024 Download

Section 3-Unit Operations Revised 4/2024 Download

Section 4-Unit Regulations/Operations Revised 3/2023 Download

Section 5-Aircraft Maintenance/Operations Revised 4/2024 Download

Section 6-Aircraft Sponsorship with Fillable Form Revised 4/2024 Download

Section 7-Squadrons & Detachments Revised 4/2024 Download

Section 8-Education Revised 4/2024 Download

Section 9-Fundraising Revised 4/2024 Download

Section 10-Constitution and Bylaws Revised 3/2017 Download



CAFR 900-1 Awards and Decorations Revised 4/2024 Download
* CAFR 21-1Organization and Functions of CAF HQ
Note- All Operations Regulations, training, and resources are now on the Operations Website.
* 55-7 Procedures for Airshow and Event Click to go to Operations Website
* 60-1 Flight Operations Click to go to Operations Website
* 60-2 Aircrew Training Standardization Click to go to Operations Website
* 60-3 Drug Alcohol Policy Click to go to Operations Website
* 60-4 Safety Management System Click to go to Operations Website
* 66-1 Aircraft Maint. Policy Click to go to Operations Website



CAF Application- All membership levels
CAF Oath of Office * Unit Leader Update

Aircraft Sponsorship Forms

Aircraft Sponsorship Checklist

Finance Forms

CAF Proffer of Gift Form
AAHFM Proffer of Gift Form
AAHM Proffer of Gift Form
Cash Donation Form


Youth Interaction & Protection training

Scholarship Info

CAF Conference

ACTIVITIES for any age

ACTIVITIES for little kids

ACTIVITIES for upper elementary through high school

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