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Arsenal of Democracy teaches inspires fight against COVID-19

**Arsenal of Democracy teaches, inspires fight against COVID-19 ** K-12 online education program explores the science of pandemic

ATLANTA, April 8, 2020 -- The Arsenal of Democracy Flyover AIM HIGH! Challenge, a pioneering education program and website is now available nationally to K-12 educators and homeschoolers seeking STEM, STEAM, and Social Studies curriculum for use in the classroom or at home. Inspired by the upcoming 75th Anniversary of World War II, the curriculum is aimed at connecting students with lessons from the "Arsenal of Democracy", the national effort that resulted in unprecedented collaboration, innovation and achievement between industry, government and Americans from all walks of life.

Referencing a slogan used by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1940, the Arsenal of Democracy Flyover AIM HIGH! Challenge contains a multidisciplinary curriculum comprised of Home Front-themed lesson plans that meet multiple standards for respective grade levels and content areas. Weekly features include primary sourced stories at two reading levels, video, photos, podcasts, lesson ideas, and lesson plans with activities and assessments.

"We are excited to share the creative approach in providing educator grade material dedicated to the Arsenal of Democracy," said Chris Madrid, National Director. "It is a cooperative effort with educators and organizations to provide unique content and an online experience that is beneficial for educators and ultimately students."

The curriculum developed by Education Partner Judy Stanford Miller, editor and co-founder of Student News Net, is available to educators at no cost through the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

The latest lesson plan, "COVID-19 pandemic response, an echo of the WWII Home Front and Arsenal of Democracy" delves into the science of bacteria, viruses, and molds. Penicillin production is taught as an example of the "great arsenal of democracy" and how the current COVID-19 pandemic is an echo of the past as private companies transform their production to meet urgent needs of America and the world. Upcoming lesson plans include "Meet Irene: from Holocaust to Hope and her trip to America on a Liberty Ship", "Rosie the Riveter", "Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP)", and "The Jeep Story".

Instrumental in bringing about the resource is the Commemorative Air Force, well known for its educational events and efforts. Founded in 1957, the group currently maintains the largest World War II flying museum in the world.

"The Arsenal of Democracy is a timely metaphor to solve national problems in the midst of a crisis that can provide powerful examples for educators and their students in achieving aspirational goals," said Commemorative Air Force President Hank Coates. "Our mission is to Educate, Honor, and Inspire; our hope for this program is to have another avenue to introduce young people to the inspirational lessons and triumph of the Greatest Generation."

About Arsenal of Democracy Flyover AIM HIGH! Challenge Our mission: Connect K-12 educators to the stories and history of America's Arsenal of Democracy and help students develop academic and non-academic skills for success in learning, career and life.

Contact: Chris Madrid National Director - Arsenal of Democracy AIM HIGH! Challenge Iberian Consulting chris.madrid@iberian-consulting.com 770-655-3315
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