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AOPA Tells the Story of Ike’s Bird

Dallas, Texas, July 2023 - Watch this AOPA Pilot Video recently released about the CAF’s L-26. This L-26B twin Aero Commander, dubbed “*Ike’s Bird,*” is the smallest airplane ever to be known as an Air Force One. The specific aircraft shown in this video is number five out of the six that were created to serve President Eisenhower, who also happened to be a pilot and AOPA member. Ike's Bird now resides at the Commemorative Air Force headquarters in Dallas, Texas. For more info on Ike’s Bird: https://www.ikesbird.org/.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) is the largest community of pilots in the world, providing aviation advocacy, education & inspiration. AOPA has represented the freedom to fly for all pilots since 1939. To learn more about becoming a member, visit https://www.aopa.org/membership.

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