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B-24 Diamond Lil Is BAAAAACK

July 15, 2021, Dallas- In June, the B-29/B-24 Squadron leader Archie Taylor announced that the CAF’s B-24 Diamond Lil *was ready to roll and ride. Crediting the dedicated maintenance team and several donors and sponsors that supported the very rare and oldest flying Liberator while she underwent an extensive project keeping her from touring for about a year and a half. Following extensive testing of the landing gear, engine and systems testing, and crew training, the B-24 *Diamond Lil, joined her sister bomber, the B-29 FIFI on the Airpower History Tour to the delight of thousands of people eagerly awaiting her return.

Diamond Lil will remain on tour with stops and ride opportunities coming up in Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, and Oklahoma, before returning back to her home to participate in the CAF Wings Over Dallas WWII Airshow on October 29-31, 2021.

You can learn more about the Airpower History Tour at www.airpowersquadron.org. You can support Diamond Lil at www.diamondlil.org. You can get tickets for the CAF Wings Over Dallas WWII Airshow at www.wingsoverdallas.org.

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