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CAF Ghost Squadron - Online Game Demo

Commemorative Air Force is working with HiTech Creations, the company that created the most comprehensive World War II simulator game, Aces High, to create a CAF version of the game. CAF Ghost Squadron offers the World War II warbird enthusiast the opportunity to virtually fly aircraft in the CAF fleet. For a limited time, registration to play CAF Ghost Squadron is free.

To register just visit www.ghostsquadron.org to sign up.

Learn more about the CAF Ghost Squadron Game with this Intro Video

The first instructional video - Take off

Getting Started with the Ghost Squadron Combat Simulator

Go to www.GhostSquadron.org to register as a CAF user. The last step in the registration will include a Download button. Click the button to download the GHOSTSQD.EXE installer file. Follow the screen prompts to finish the installation.
When you launch the Simulator – either from the shortcut, or from the Windows Start Menu - you will be greeted with a CAF Ghost Squadron home screen.

The Clipboard in the middle is the Simulator’s primary user interface, where you choose Combat Arenas, Missions, Planes, ordnance, and other Options. After a few seconds, a training video pops up to the left of the Clipboard. It explains the Clipboard functions, how to access them, and what to do next.

You can browse through the introductory training videos of the 8 primary functions of Aces High at the HiTech Creations YouTube channel. It may be helpful to watch all these videos to get an idea of the Simulator’s capabilities.

Please spend your first week or so familiarizing yourself with the Simulator, and sharing your startup issues, suggestions, and wish-lists with rmwcaf@gmail.com

Equipment Requirements. Note: The Simulator runs only on Microsoft Windows 7 and later PCs; you can’t run it on an Apple or Android device. Many modern desktop PCs with HD or better graphics will run the software. Older PCs may need a new graphics card. Click here for detailed Minimum Requirements.

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