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(June 29, 2023, Dallas) - The Commemorative Air Force announces the individuals selected to be inducted into the CAF Hall of Fame in 2024. These individuals were nominated by their peers for outstanding contributions to the CAF over many years. Each year up to four individuals are inducted and recognized for their role in furthering the mission of the CAF. The 2024 CAF Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Banquet will occur on Saturday, March 2, at the CAF National Airbase in Dallas, Texas. The inductees will be:

Elaine Webb
Elaine was introduced to the CAF by her parents, and she instantly fell in love with the idea of keeping the historic aircraft flying. She became a CAF member in 1982 and soon joined the Marshalling Detachment, a role that gave her unprecedented access to the roaring warbirds lining the ramp. Elaine’s passion for preserving history extends beyond the aircraft, often noting that the people make everything fascinating. Naturally, she was drawn to the CAF’s oral history program. She and her husband, Howard, have been active Dallas Fort Worth Wing members for many years. Elaine oversees the wing’s collection of artifacts and the museum. When the CAF began an initiative to start an educational program around the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP), Elaine was one of the first to offer to help collect interviews, images, and perform research for the CAF RISE ABOVE: WASP Program and the WASP Squadron.

Mike Burke
Mike earned his pilot's license in 1970 and swiftly joined the CAF as a member of the Gulf Coast Wing. Following in the footsteps of his father, Eddie Burke, Mike became a pilot with TORA in 1972 and had been actively participating with the group since. As pilot of Zero 115 for over 40 years, Mike has performed at hundreds of airshows as part of the TORA TORA TORA Airshow demonstration act. Mike has continuously demonstrated professionalism, proficiency as a pilot performer, and passion as a CAF Member. Mike would go on to serve as a mentor and leader for the many CAF pilots; he is an instructor, check pilot, safety officer, and TORA lead. As one of the most accomplished warbird pilots in the industry, he dutifully served for 20 years on the CAF’s Standards and Evaluation Committees, lending his time and knowledge to keep the CAF flying.

Donna Blalack
Donna went to work for the CAF weeks after it moved to Midland from Harlingen in 1992. For the next 32 years, she gave the CAF her all. Donna has served in various staff positions over the years, working in membership, administration, and HR. In each role, Donna met her assigned tasks and responsibilities and often volunteered outside her staff role to promote the CAF mission so dear to her heart. Donna has personally assisted thousands of CAF members, consistently serving as the primary source of information for all things CAF. When headquarters staff members were allowed to become Colonels, Donna was among the first to sign up and has maintained her Colonel membership proudly for 15 years. Her belief and passion for the mission are so strong that Donna was the ideal ambassador when national outreach efforts were engaged to have a National CAF representation at airshows.

Saturday, March 2, 2024 at 6:30 p.m.

Tickets are $80 per person.

Friends and family of the inductees are encouraged to share photos, videos, and stories with the CAF media team by emailing media@cafhq.org.

About the CAF Hall of Fame For over 65 years, the CAF has grown through the efforts of tens of thousands of members. A few members have made monumental contributions to the success and worldwide impact that the CAF enjoys. The CAF Hall of Fame was established in 2010 to honor those members. Hall of Fame inductees must have dedicated themselves selflessly, significantly contributing to the CAF’s mission, growth, and strength. To be inducted into the CAF Call of Fame Must have held a CAF membership for 15 years and be a currently active member or active at their death. Past Inductees are listed online, click here to view them.

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