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Dallas Fort Worth Wing Presents Warbirds on Parade Aug 31

Lancaster, Texas, August 23, 2019- Be sure to attend the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) Warbirds on Parade at the Lancaster Airport on Saturday, August 31, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Event attendees will have a chance to experience the very military aircraft and warbirds which played a significant role in America's fight for freedom. Countless books and films tell the tale of how warplanes and those who fought for our freedoms changed the course of history. CAF Warbirds on Parade gives you an opportunity to get an up-close look and tour vintage World War II, Korean and Vietnam-era aircraft.

Close to 30 warbirds will attend this static event, including vintage bombers, fighters, cargo and trainer aircraft. Assorted military vehicles, living history reenactors, 1940s-era demonstrations and more than 100 classic cars will round out the displays for an unforgettable day. Military ground-forces vehicles will also set up a typical field battalion area on the grounds.

The CAF Dallas Fort Worth Wing, the organization presenting the event, is based at Lancaster Airport and holds aviation events year-round. This unit of the Commemorative Air Force maintains World War II aircraft that include a Douglas R4D-6, a Stinson L-5 Sentinel, a Vultee BT-15 Valiant and a Boeing PT-17 Stearman. Wing Leader Keith Barrett says "We are always excited to hold CAF Warbirds on Parade each year. It is an opportunity to showcase our aircraft to the community and educate a younger generation about our proud American history. Any chance we have the opportunity to honor our American veterans and get the public excited about our country's history is thrilling."

Aircraft & helicopter rides will be available.

The Lancaster Airport is located at 736 Ferris Rd, Lancaster, TX 75146 off of Beltline Road between I-45 and I-35. Click here for directions. The suggested donation for entry is $10 per car or $5 per person. For more information about this event please visit our website at www.dfwwing.com.

or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DFWWingCAF/.

CAF Col. Keith Barrett * Tel. (972) 974-0142 * Email: hkbarret@swbell.net CAF Col. Jim Breitenstine * Tel. (817) 294-2936 * Email: jbreitens@gmail.com

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