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FloriBama Wing Remembers The Battle of Britain

Pensacola, FL, September 18, 2023- On September 16, the CAF FloriBama Wing hosted British, Australian, and New Zealand military personnel for an event commemorating the Battle of Britain. The event was held at McCutchan Field, a private airport owned and operated by charter FloriBama Wing member Clay McCutchan. McCutchan is a retired U.S. Air Force 2-Star General and received two Distinguished Flying Cross awards for his service. While in the Air Force, McCutchan was assigned the role of historian; his knowledge was put to good use at this event.

At the event, a missing man flyover was flown with the song Last Post playing in honor of the lives given in 1940. The movie “Battle of Britain” was shown with a presentation on the CAF’s involvement in the movie’s production. The FloriBama Wing members included a few U.K. traditions, such as burning a piano, a British fighter pilot tradition, and serving a customary fish and chips meal. The event was a sentimental tribute but enjoyable, and the U.K. families appreciated the reminder of home.

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