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Flying Musicians Association's 2019 Solo Scholarship Winners Announced

May 11, 2019, Fort Worth, TX: The Flying Musicians Association (FMA) is proud to announce the 2019 FMA Solo scholarship recipients – Amaya Burns from Indiana, Scott Lutte from Texas, and Navya Pottumutu from Victoria, British Columbia.

Outstanding nominees from all across the United States and Canada continue to impress the selection committee. John Zapp, co-founder and President of FMA, said, “Every nominee came to us highly recommended by their music director and peers. All nominees are awarded student membership in the greatest pilot/musician network in the world, and each of us is ready to assist them in their future musical and aeronautical endeavors.”

FMA is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2019; the FMA Solo Scholarship Program is celebrating its fifth. Zapp added, "With three scholarships this year, the Flying Musicians are now averaging more than two per year, thanks to our sponsors, donors, and members’ donating their time and talents; and through hosting FMA’s popular HangarJAMs and music for corporations at events across the country."

This year’s three recipients join six previous Solo Scholarship winners who have already soloed, with several proudly earning their Private Pilot certificates; two recent awardees are nearing solo.

Follow Amaya, Scott, and Navya as they blog about their journey. Visit www.FMAsolo.org to congratulate these students and add your words of encouragement and wisdom.

The 2020 FMA Solo program kicks off in the fall.

This scholarship is unique, bringing an aspiring music student from zero time to solo. FMA covers roughly fifteen hours of dual instruction, online ground school, training materials, and additional products from sponsors. FMA envisioned and instituted this scholarship program because it recognizes the parallel skills involved in flying and performing music and wants to promote both areas of growth in our inspired and dedicated future leaders.

How many Solo Scholarships FMA can award is up to the aviation and music communities -- and you! Please contact Education@FlyingMusicians.org. “Flying and music are my two passions in life and the Flying Musicians have put both of those together for a great cause. I believe educating the next generation is so important for music and aviation to continue on." – Aaron Tippin

“My wife and I want to help where we can and so we decided to sponsor an FMA scholarship ourselves through the Auen O’Shea Family Fund. Music and aviation are deeply rooted in our family and combining the two through FMA is a worthwhile endeavor. We encourage others to do the same. Visit the FMA website and get inspired yourself, or better yet meet one or more of these impressive young adults. Consider sponsoring a scholarship. It won’t break the bank, and it provides a valuable boost for deserving applicants.”- Jeff Auen

Our sponsors are doing their part. Thank them. Join them.

Bose Aviation, Sporty’s Pilot Shop, MYGOFLIGHT, Gleim Aviation, Hartzell Propeller, Daher TBM, Honda, ForeFlight, Sensenich Propellers, Auen O’Shea Family Fund, FMA Denny Scalise Memorial Fund, and many others. FMA also acknowledges Aviators Hot Line, Trade-A-Plane, AviNation, GA News, Aaron Tippin, and 121five.com for their extensive help in raising awareness of the FMA programs.

About the Flying Musicians Association, Inc.:| The Flying Musicians Association (FMA) is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation (EIN: 80-0433326) for pilot/musicians, spanning the globe, proficiency levels, and genres. Members share their passions in order to inspire, educate, and encourage through performances, presentations, networking, and scholarships.

More: www.FlyingMusicians.org FMA Solo: www.FMAsolo.org Media Contact: John@FlyingMusicians.org or 817.501.3641

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