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June 7, 2019, Dallas - The all ladies flying training program (Girls in Flight Training (GIFT)) will take place June 9 – 15 at Dallas Executive Airport- RBD Conference Center. This one week program provides the opportunity for women in any phase of their flight training to come together to further motivate their aviation training. The week-long training includes: ground school, air work, as well as presentations by many people from the local aviation community, including an air traffic controller, a check ride examiner, and a member/officer of the CAF WASP squadron.

Girls In Flight Training The mission of Girls In Flight Training (GIFT) is to help aspiring female pilots to pursue their flight dreams at a discounted rate using a part 61 style, structured flight training program. The program is geared toward woman who wish to learn to fly in an encouraging environment and limited budget.

To learn more about Girls In Flight Training, visit www.girlsinflight.org.

To learn more about the CAF WASP Squadron, visit www.riseabovewasp.org or email waspsquadronxo@att.net.

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