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Hemlock Films on the Big Screen

Cleveland, OH (March 6, 2023) - The short film The Resistance has been selected for screening at the 2023 Cleveland International Film Festival. The short narrative film, written and directed by Hemlock Films' Kara White and cinematography by Adam White, drops the audience into a tense standoff in a WWII café in occupied France. The Resistance was produced in Cleveland, Ohio, by Cuyahoga Community College's Film Crew Intensive Training Workshop.

About the film:

The film is set during World War II in Nazi-occupied France. Trained by Britain's Special Operations Executive (SOE) spy division, one of Britain’s female spies and her fellow agents use a small cafe as their headquarters. The cafe becomes a trap when a Nazi officer begins to suspect who they really are.

The characters of The Resistance are an amalgam of the real women who worked to help the Allies bring about D-Day operations. With a passion for history, Kara White wrote and directed this period drama as an ode to the brave women and men who gave their lives fighting fascist invaders.

About the crew:

Kara and Adam White of Hemlock Films are longtime supporters of the CAF and have collaborated with the CAF for several film projects. Those projects include a documentary on B-25 Miss Mitchell titled “The Restorers” along with the films "RISE ABOVE Red Tail" and "RISE ABOVE WASP" featured in the CAF Rise Above traveling exhibit.

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