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February 16, 1932
How fast the state of the art was advancing in the 30s! It was #OTD in 1932 that the Glenn L. Martin Co. Model 123, designated XB-907, made its first flight. Just three years later, the Boeing Model 299 that would become the B-17 would make its first flight! The XB-907 would receive several design changes before entering service.

February 14, 1942
The Douglas DC-3 and C-47 Skytrain were so ubiquitous in the WWII Era that you may think the follow-on designs, the DC-4 and C-54 Skymaster, were well after the war. So, would you be surprised to learn that the C-54's first flight was #OTD in 1942? The C-54 was in wide use by the end of the war and continued to serve with the US military until 1974.

February 8, 1933
The Boeing 247, which first flew #OTD in 1933, revolutionized commercial aviation as the first modern airliner. Its all-metal, low-wing design, retractable landing gear, and capacity to carry ten passengers marked a significant advancement over wood and fabric biplanes. It was 50mph faster than any of its contemporaries, more comfortable, and safer, featuring innovations like deicing and autopilot systems. Though historically overshadowed by the later DC-3, the success of the 247 was undeniable. Still in service at the outbreak of WWII, 27 American 247s were pressed into military service for the war effort.

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