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It’s Official TBM "309" Is Back

October 27, 2023, Grand Junction, CO – The CAF Rocky Mountain Wing’s assigned Grumman TBM *309 *is not only back but provided attendees at the recent Grand Junction Airshow with a flying presentation. No spectators appreciated TBM Pilot CAF Col Bill Shepard’s flying presentation more than all the Rocky Mountain Wing Colonels attending the show. It has been a long time coming.

As Operations Officer Colonel Bob Thompson said, “[The] Grand Junction Airshow was without a doubt successful, both financially and with Rocky Mountain Wing member's enthusiasm. What was accomplished: 1. TBM, both static and flying in the show. 2. First paid TBM riders in over two years. 3. J-3 Cub was on display and sold rides after the show. 4. PX sold out of toy aircraft models and most "T's." 5. Excess Museum Books sold out. 6. Record TBM "Wing Walk" tours."

Click Here to watch the TBM Avenger come back to life.

Information from Tom Howe, Rocky Mountain Wing Newsletter (Propwash Gazette).

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