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New Book Release: "Beverly Hills Spy"

This week, the new book "Beverly Hills Spy" by Ronald Drabkin hit the market, and history enthusiasts can’t stop talking about it. Uncover the Untold Story of Frederick Rutland, World War I Hero turned Hollywood Insider and Double Agent for the Japanese Empire! We're thrilled to announce the release of "Beverly Hills Spy" by Ronald Drabkin, a captivating exploration into the life of Frederick Rutland, a man whose journey from humble beginnings to high society glamour was veiled in secrecy and espionage. Follow Rutland's incredible ascent from a lower-class boy in England to a World War I pilot, pioneering aircraft carrier developer, and Hollywood elite residing in opulent luxury on the famed Bird Streets of Beverly Hills. Rutland's story reads like a Hollywood script, but a web of intrigue and betrayal lies behind the glitz and glamour.

Discover the shocking truth behind Rutland's double life as a spy for the Japanese Empire, selling critical military secrets that would ultimately shape the course of history. Drabkin's meticulous research, including recently declassified FBI files and untranslated documents from Japanese intelligence, paints a vivid picture of Rutland's covert activities and the staggering consequences they would unleash.

"Beverly Hills Spy" is more than just a biography—it's a riveting tale of espionage, cunning, and betrayal that sheds new light on the events leading up to Pearl Harbor. Rutland's ability to evade, capture, and manipulate those around him is captivating and chilling, leaving readers questioning the true nature of power and allegiance. Grab your copy of "Beverly Hills Spy" by Ronald Drabkin at your favorite bookstore or online retailer now! Information submitted by Mark Nelson

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