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Attention all history and aviation enthusiasts: you are invited to join us for our weekly video cast/podcast, CAF Warbird Tube. This exciting series delves into a world of captivating stories, from the incredible airplanes that have shaped our skies to the historic events and remarkable individuals who left an indelible mark on our past. Whether you're a seasoned aficionado or just curious about the pivotal moments in history, CAF Warbird Tube promises to offer something for everyone.

Come and explore the fascinating world of warbirds and their profound impact on our history. Tune in, engage with our experts, and discover the legacy of these iconic aircraft and the incredible people behind them. Take advantage of the opportunity to be part of this enlightening journey through the chronicles of history. Join us every week, and let's explore the past together.

Check out upcoming episodes, and watch past episodes on www.warbirdtube.com.

See what others are saying:


Keep these [videos] coming. My father was a slave laborer for the Nazis in WW2. When the P-38s were flying over his area near Nordhausen, they would strafe anything which moved. He said they actually hated them, since they were so quiet they could not hear them until they were being strafed. The bombers were no problem since they could hear them for minutes before. They would run from crater to crater during the bomb drops, under the theory that bombs never hit twice, in the same spot, and you could see the paths where they were going. Later after he was expatriated by the U.S. Army, he was happy that the P38s shot up all of the local Nazi facilities and worked for the U.S. Army for several years afterwards.


The video brought back pleasant memories. I first saw Gunfighter when Reg Urschler flew it for a WWII battle reenactment in the fall of 1978. Then, I often saw Gunfighter at the Offutt AFB airshows and the occasional airshow in Lincoln, NE. Finally, in August 2021, I bought a ride and got to ride in the backseat of Gunfighter I was nervous, but Pete did a great ride, and I was endlessly glad that I was able to do it!


This. Is. Good... very interesting... as a youngster in the 1970s and 80s... Like others, I was focused on Fighter Aircraft, but when my dad took me to. Selfridge ANG Base to see WWII aircraft in the 1970s, which included the B-29 FIFI which I then added to my plastic models with the B-24 Diamond Lil and B-17 Memphis Belle. I don’t remember if I got the lettering painted on FIFI because it was custom and without decals. Seeing her in person when the oil leaked and smoked a little bit on start up inspired me to add bombers to my shelf display in my room. Because I figured if she could go through all of those things and still be here looking this good 30 years later, she’s truly outstanding!

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