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That’s All Brother and R4D Ready 4 Duty coming to the Salis Museum this Summer

CERNY-LA FERTÉ ALAIS, FRANCE, April 11, 2024 – CAF’s C-47 That’s All, Brother and R4D Ready 4 Duty will be at the Salis Museum in France this June. The Salis Flying Museum, the D-Day Squadron, and the French Wing of the Commemorative Air Force will welcome the public for an exceptional visit of American aircraft commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Right now their visit is schedule for Wednesday June 12, 2024. Admission to the the museum willl be 19€ .

The Douglas C-47 That’s All, Brother is a bona-fide veteran of the Normandy invasion. In fact, this aircraft led the first wave of the primary assault at dawn on June 6, 1944. The Commemorative Air Force (CAF) completely restored That’s All, Brother in its wartime configuration to bring it back to Normandy in 2019 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day. This summer, it will once again make the voyage from the CAF Central Texas Wing in San Marcos, Texas, for the 80th anniversary of the invasion.

The Douglas R4D is the naval version of the C-47. The CAF’s example, named Ready 4 Duty, was modified to transport depth charges, and served with the U.S. Navy Atlantic Special Service Squadron all over the world, from the Caribbean to Texas, Guantánamo to Rio, the South Atlantic as far as Dakar, and the North Atlantic from Newfoundland to Iceland. During a patrol in February 1945, this aircraft was one of twenty in a squadron that surprised a German U-boat on the surface, off the coast of Brazil, and sank it. Ready 4 Duty is based with the CAF Dallas/Fort Worth Wing in Lancaster, Texas. Other visiting aircraft from the D-Day Squadron, such as Douglas C-47 Placid Lassie, will also be present on static display.

Want to learn more about the European Tour?

Join us for an exclusive webinar update on the CAF aircraft participating in the D-Day Squadron’s 2024 Legacy Tour! This summer, the CAF is sending two iconic aircraft to Europe to take part in the epic journey. Crew members of the legendary C-47 That’s All, Brother, and the historic R4D Ready 4 Duty will share their insights and experiences preparing for the transatlantic journey. Discover the meticulous planning and dedication behind commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day and the 75th Anniversary of the Berlin Airlift. Click Here to register to attend the show online.

About the Salis Flying Museum: A passion for all things mechanical, a taste for adventure, and a desire to learn and share their expertise have led three generations of the Salis family to dedicate themselves to historic aviation at a small airfield in southern Essonne. Today, the Museum’s collection counts almost 70 aircraft. The Salis Flying Museum invites you to discover this ‘living, flying fresco,’ where the adventures of man and machine are told by dozens of historic aircraft. In parallel to the museum, an on-site boutique offers a full suite of souvenirs and gifts.

About the D-Day Squadron: The D-Day Squadron is the group responsible for organizing DC-3s/C-47s to participate in the commemorations of the 80th anniversary of the D-Day Invasion and, subsequently, the 75th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift. The mission, focused on commemorative stops in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, and Italy is called the 2024 Legacy Tour. Fourteen DC-3s are participating in total, with six making the Northern Atlantic crossing twice.

About the Commemorative Air Force and the CAF French Wing: The Commemorative Air Force is a non-profit organization working to preserve aviation heritage from World War II to Vietnam eras, founded in the U.S. in 1957 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Their primary goal is the restoration, public exhibition, and operation of historic aircraft; it’s the largest flying museum in the world, counting 180 aircraft in its collection (a majority of which are actively flying) and 12,000 members across more than 80 units worldwide, including the French Wing. Their mission is to Educate, Inspire, and Honor through flight and living history events.

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