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The B-25 Miss Mitchell Visits Bemidji

June 17, 2024 (Bemidji, Minnesota) - The B-25 Miss Mitchell, made a memorable visit to Bemidji Regional Airport over Father’s Day weekend. This special event offered attendees a rare opportunity to board the historic aircraft and delve into its pivotal role during World War II.

Samuel Walsh, a dedicated flight crew member with the Commemorative Air Force (CAF), shared, “We have the B-25 and the Stinson L-5 here to narrate the history of World War II. People can support this mission by purchasing rides on these airplanes. Our goal is to promote and recount the stories of sacrifice and valor from the War. Nearly 400,000 Americans did not return from World War II, and it’s vital to remember their stories. Plus, the experience of riding these airplanes is incredibly thrilling.”

For those fortunate enough to fly in Miss Mitchell the experience is nothing short of extraordinary, offering a deep connection to the brave veterans who once piloted these aircraft in combat.

Bemidji Mayor Jorge Prince expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “It was amazing, a fantastic start to Father’s Day weekend. The commitment of the CAF volunteers, who dedicate their time to restore and fly these historic aircraft, is truly commendable."

These flights also provide World War II veterans a nostalgic return to the skies they once knew.

Mitchell Adderton, pilot of Miss Mitchell, remarked, “Seeing the smiles every time we take off is incredible. Taking World War II veterans up in the air, whether they flew B-25s or not, brings back their youthful memories. It’s a deeply rewarding experience.”

Eugene Sandberg, a 100-year-old World War II veteran, shared his joy, “I appreciate days like this for veterans. It’s wonderful to reconnect with old friends and to have the chance to fly in a B-25 again. I’ve had a fantastic day.”

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