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Top 10 “CAF” Things To See at EAA AirVenture 2023

EAA AirVenture is an annual aviation exhibition. This year’s event is July 24 – July 30, 2023, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Some people call AirVenture “aviation’s family reunion” — and that’s a darn good description. The first fly-in was 70 years ago, back in September 1953. AirVenture has grown from 21 aircraft to more than 10,000, from 150 people to more than 600,000. Here are some “CAF” things to see and do at Oshkosh 2023.


1. Gathering of Corsairs See as many Corsairs as possible, including the CAF’s FG-1D Corsair assigned to Airbase Georgia. This year’s EAA AirVenture Gathering of Corsairs is being held in honor of Jesse Brown, Tom Hudner, and the men of VF-32 in Korea.

2. APWO Forum and Press Conference Do you know about the Association of Professional Warbird Operators (APWO)? Learn more about the organization at their press conference or forum. Click here for more details.

3. Visit the CAF Tent Want to get a break from the sun? Visit the CAF hospitality tent in Warbirds. Come chat with the staff, grab a bag of popcorn, or see one of the various special guests, including Dave Hamilton, a WWII Pathfinder Pilot. See Map for location. *Note: if you are a CAF Colonel and have RSVP'd for the Colonel gathering, you can pick up your wristband at the tent between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Tuesday thru Friday. CAF Colonel members attending the event on Friday, should wear their CAF Uniform shirt.


4. See the CAF Aircraft So far, we count 15 CAF aircraft planning to attend EAA AirVenture. They will be parked at various locations, and some will give rides in Fond du Lac. Scroll down for the complete list.

5. Watch the Night Airshow While we won’t have any CAF aircraft in the night show, you can catch a few of our members lighting up the sky with impressive aerobatics like Matt Younkin and his Twin Beech. The night airshows are on July 26 and 29. Click Here for a full list of performers.

6. CAF Warbird Tube Live CAF Warbird Tube Host Steve Buss has also been the voice of EAA AirVenture for decades. For this very live, unpredictable episode, Steve will take us up to the announcer booth with some special guests to talk about the highlights and happenings at the event. On Wednesday, 7 p.m. Central, catch CAF President Hank Coates, EAA Director of Communications Dick Knapinski, Pro Pilot Jim Zazas, and Editor of Aerospace Stephen Bridgewater for a multifaceted look at the show.

7. Visit AT-6 Nella at Phillips 66 Tent See the CAF’s WASP AT-6 known as Nella, right by Boeing Plaza at the Phillips 66 Tent.

8. See the CAF RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit and visit with Tuskegee Airmen Be sure to visit KidVenture and see the CAF RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit. Make time to watch both the CAF RISE ABOVE: Red Tail and CAF RISE ABOVE: WASP films, plus there will be opportunities to visit with two Tuskegee Airmen. Click Here for the schedule.

9. Meet up with CAF Friends AirVenture is an excellent time to meet fellow CAF members. Be sure to wear your CAF uniform shirt as many days as possible so we can let the aviation world know that YOU are helping to educate, inspire, and honor through flight and living history experiences.

10. Warbirds In Review Warbirds in Review, an unparalleled presentation series during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh that brings together historic aircraft with pilots and aircraft owners, returns in 2023 with guests encompassing 80 years of aviation and military history. This year’s schedule will not disappoint, click here to see the schedule for the week.

What CAF Aircraft Are Going to be There?

• B-25 Devil Dog (Devil Dog Squadron)
• B-25 Miss Mitchell (Minnesota Wing)
• P-51 Red Nose at Fond du Lac (Airbase Georgia)
• SBD Dauntless at Fond du Lac (Airbase Georgia)
• LT-6 at Fond du Lac (Airbase Georgia)
• T-34 at Fond du Lac (Airbase Georgia)
• P-51 Tuskegee Airmen (Red Tail Squadron)
• P-51 Gunfighter (Larry Lumpkin Sponsor Group)
• AT-6 Nella at the Phillips Tent (WASP Squadron)
• SNB BOB (Indiana Wing)
• BT-13 (Indiana Wing)
• C-45 Bucket of Bolts (Bucket Sponsor Group)
• AT-6 (Wisconsin Wing)
• T-34 (Wisconsin Wing)
• FG-1D Corsair (Airbase Georgia)

Which aircraft are giving rides?

CAF Airbase Georgia will have the following airplanes available for rides during the week of EAA AirVenture 2023. Rides will be completed at the nearby Fond du Lac Airport and/or Appleton Airport. Airbase Georgia will have rides, July 24-29 in the P-51D Mustang Red Nose **and **SBD-5 Dauntless, and July 22-29 in the LT-6 Mosquito and T-34 Mentor. For More information about rides and scheduling is available at their website: www.airbasegeorgia.org/event/eaa-airventure-oshkosh-wi-2. Rides will also be available in the P-51 Mustang *Gunfighter* at Appleton Airport on July 25-26. You can get more information about Gunfighter rides at https://www.p51gunfighter.com/schedule.

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