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TRARON Revived Elevating Formation Flying Standards for CAF Pilots

Dallas, TX, March 21, 2024 - In a move to bolster the proficiency and safety of formation flying within the Commemorative Air Force, Training Squadron One, more commonly known as TRARON, has undergone a significant revival. This longstanding program has been an integral part of the CAF for many years, providing essential training and certification for pilots seeking to excel in the art of formation flight.

TRARON is dedicated to instilling a high level of expertise and adherence to stringent standards among CAF pilots. The program requires its members to hold a valid TRARON card, signifying their qualification for formation flying in both waivered and non-waivered airspace. To earn this qualification, pilots must demonstrate a rigorous commitment to proficiency and safety.

At the heart of TRARON's mission is its dedication to providing oversight, leadership, and top-tier instruction for CAF pilots and aircraft in the realm of formation flying.

This month marks a significant milestone for TRARON, as it unveils a brand-new website and accompanying resources tailored to meet the needs of its members. This digital transformation not only enhances accessibility but also streamlines the process for qualified pilots to stay updated on upcoming training events and resources available in 2024.

The TRARON training program is built upon a foundation of comprehensive classroom instruction and meticulous maneuver walkthroughs before pilots even step foot in the cockpit. This thorough approach ensures that TRARON-certified pilots are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of formation flight with confidence and precision.

With the launch of its revamped website, TRARON invites qualified pilots to explore the wealth of information and resources now available at their fingertips. For more information about the TRARON training program and upcoming events, visit http://www.traron.org/.

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