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Aloha WWII Veterans and families,- As you may have heard, this past week the 75th WWII Commemoration Events have undergone significant changes, the most devastating being that we would no longer be allowed to bring our WWII Veterans to Hawaii for the Commemoration due to restrictions in place involving COVID-19 risks. Attached is the most current press release explaining the changes.

“In consideration of the current COVID-19 situation in Hawaii, and to help assure the health and safety of the veterans of our Greatest Generation, the extremely difficult decision was made to further limit attendance to the Official Commemoration Ceremony on September 2nd to WWII veterans who live in the state of Hawaii. However, efforts are being expanded in the global live streaming to incorporate and honor those veterans from outside Hawaii who had hoped to attend.”

We wish to thank you all for your understanding, positivity, and patience during all of these changes that occurred.

We are switching over to a “virtual ceremony”, which will be live-streamed on Wednesday, September 2nd, starting at 8:30am Hawaii Standard Time. It will be live-streamed from our Facebook page as well as from our webpage – www.75thwwiicommemoration.org

In order to honor our WWII Veterans, we are asking that you submit the following information so that we may honor you on our live stream: Full Name: Branch of Service: Rank: Hometown which you entered the war: Where you were stationed on Sept. 2, 1945: Also please attach a photo yourself, past or present so that we can put it next to your name.

We need to have this information no later than Tuesday, 8/25, by 5:00pm Hawaii Standard Time in order for it to be included in the virtual ceremony.

Here are the details to watch the live stream-

To watch the ceremony live: On Wednesday, September 2, 2020, at 8:30am Hawaii Standard Time, please log onto your computer and click on one of the links below to watch the ceremony. If you have Facebook: 75th WWII Facebook Page If you do not have Facebook, please go to our 75th WWII Commemoration website, and we will have a link available when you open this webpage to view the ceremony live: https://www.75thwwiicommemoration.org We are also working to contact the local media in your hometowns to try to have them air the Commemoration live on your local cable networks- we will have more information on that coming soon!

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