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Veteran B-24 Pilot Takes to the Skies Again During Air Power History Tour

June 16, 2024 (Schenectady, NY) - Laura Stants, a dedicated pilot with the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) Indiana Wing, had the privilege of flying a 95-year-old B-24 pilot along with his wife and daughter in a C-45 aircraft during the CAF Air Power History Tour in Schenectady, New York.

Stants shared her profound experience: "When I asked if he would like to take the controls, he didn't hesitate. His feet went up on the rudders, and his hands took hold of the yoke in a muscle memory motion that left no doubt. In his 90s, he's back at it, serious in the moment, smiling afterward."Flightline Services Detachment refueling a P-40.

For a brief time, the elderly pilot was once again in command of an aircraft, reliving memories that had shaped his youth. The moment was not just significant for him and his family, but also for the organizations and volunteers who work tirelessly to preserve these flying pieces of history.

Stants emphasized, "That's one of the main reasons we all work to keep these pieces of history safely flying. Because a 90-something-year-old B-24 pilot took to the skies again, and it matters; to him, his family, the organizations and volunteers who do this, and me."

The CAF Air Power History Tour continues to honor veterans by providing these invaluable experiences, ensuring that the legacy of those who served are remembered and celebrated.

Find out when the CAF Airpower History Tour is coming to your city here. You can learn more about the Indiana Wing and its upcoming events here.

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