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Why to Attend Wings Over Camarillo

July 15, 2021, Camarillo, California -There are some excellent reasons to attend Wings Over Camarillo this year. Airshows offers fun for the whole family, from sky-high aerobatics, to STEM Pavilion’s and classic car shows, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Here are the top reasons to visit an airshow this summer.

The Best Reasons to Attend a Plane Show This Summer by Allie Burgess Looking for the best airshow in California? Well, you are in the right place! A plane show offers much more than gazing skywards. In fact, you’ll be glad to sit down and watch the aircraft after experiencing all we have to offer! Today we will go through some of the best reasons to attend a plane show this summer. You’ll be surprised at what you might find!

A Huge Range of Aircraft! Let’s be honest. Most people go to an airshow to see one thing…

The planes!

At Wings Over Camarillo, you are going to be spoiled for choice! Watch a nimble Pitts Special corkscrewing, tumbling, and even flying vertically. If military planes are your thing, there are plenty all in one place.

Check out an AH-1F Cobra, an AT-6 SNJ Wardog, T-34 Mentors, and much more! All the action comes to you! Pick a good spot on the flight line, and you’ll be able to sit in comfort, with your head back watching the show right above your head!

Get Up Close and Personal! Let us ask you a question…

How many times have you stood next to a Japanese Zero, an original C-53 Skytrooper, and a Supermarine Spitfire… All at the same time?

Many of the aircraft you have seen flying during the day are also available to view the ground at the static airplane display. You can meet the pilots, ask questions and even get up close and personal with the airplanes. You don’t get that at every airshow!

Loud, Fast, and Exciting! Here’s the thing about airplanes…

They go fast. Take, for instance, the P-51 Mustang. It boasts a top speed of around 360-mph! It is one thing to read it; it’s another to see it in action. Blink, and you’ll miss it, literally!

The good news with some of our aircraft is that you’ll hear them long before you see them. When the Russians built the Mig-17 in 1952, being quiet was low on their list of priorities. This thing is seriously loud, even more so when it is screeching overhead and performing running breaks.

Classic Cars Airplanes aren’t your thing? So, there’s no point going, right? Wrong! Even if you are the kind of person who keeps their feet firmly on the ground, there is plenty for you too! Spend the day checking out some super cool classic cars. Like with our aircraft, there is pretty much a vehicle from every era! 200 of them, in fact!

And they don’t just stay parked either! At around 1:30 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, there is a classic car and motorcycle parade. See if you can pick out your favorites!

Fire, Water, Action! The beauty of airshows is that the action never stops. As you’ll already know, most airplanes were designed with a set purpose in mind. What could be better than seeing them used for that purpose?

What do we mean?

Ever seen an H-1 helicopter ‘water bombing’ with hundreds of gallons of water? Well, now you can! How’s about a simulated bombing run by a B-25? Complete with explosions and pyrotechnics? The power of these aircraft has to be seen to be believed!

See History Come Alive Think history is boring? Think again!

Many of the aircraft in our shows have an interesting and diverse history. You’ll be able to see aircraft that saw real action in their earlier lives! The CAF’s C-53 D-Day Doll was one of the hundreds of aircraft that dropped combat troops in Normandy during the liberation of Europe.

Local Talent With Personality! Huge airshows can lack the personal touch. Wings over Camarillo offers a much more personal and intimate affair. By attending, you’ll be supporting local talent. Many of the performers are exclusive to our events! Airshows have existed ever since the first barnstorming events of the 20th century. Our plane show still retains something of the original magic and excitement that first drew crowds to these events.

You Can Contribute Want to be part of the action?

You can do this in so many ways. And without generous people to help, the airshow would simply not be possible!

Wings Over Camarillo offers the opportunity to volunteer. If you want to give back to your community and have a great time doing it, this is the place to be! You’ll get a wristband for admission on the days where you work, not to mention a rather snazzy-looking official volunteer hat!

Want to build an awareness of your company and support your local community by doing it? Wings Over Camarillo offers some great sponsorship opportunities. Whether you are looking for a corporate skybox or would like to sponsor some T-shirts for our volunteers, you’ll find plenty of options are available, and your contribution goes a long way to our continued success!

Wings Over Camarillo is the best plane show in California. It offers plenty of fun experiences for all family members and isn’t so large as to feel overwhelming. You’ll have the option to see lots of attractions and even get up close to the people and aircraft you’ve observed during your day. Why not check out our schedule and start planning your day?

And there’s more!

It’s not just about seeing a piece of history. You can also meet the people who were actually there. Our veterans’ hangar will offer you a warm welcome and the ability to speak to the service people who served aboard many of the aircraft in our displays.

Find out what it was like to land a helicopter in the jungles of Vietnam. Speak to someone who flew combat missions in Korea and gain a real personal connection with those who risked their lives to protect their country.

What Goes Up Must Come Down! An immutable law of physics. Kind of convenient as it means you’ll get to watch an impressive parachute display by the USAF Wings of Blue team.

This isn’t simply floating to the ground! You’ll be able to see formation parachuting, freefalling, and smoke trails as the team perform aerial maneuvers right above you.

About the Camarillo Wings Association

The Camarillo Wings Association is a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer, non-profit corporation promoting aviation and its heritage while inspiring youth with aviation-related programs, education, and leadership opportunities. The association produces the annual Wings Over Camarillo airshow in collaboration with the Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing, Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 723, Ventura County Ninety-Nines, and the Ventura County Department of Airports. Since 2010, the Camarillo Wings Association has donated over $431,000 to local non-profits, promoting youth in science and aviation. For more information or to become involved with the Camarillo Wings Association and the airshow, visit www.WingsOverCamarillo.com.

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