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    Gunfighter is one of the world’s most famous P-51 Mustangs, having appeared on the airshow circuit and providing rides for over 35 years. The aircraft is a P-51 "D" model, serial number 44-73264. Of the approximately 15,000 P-51s produced in WWII, over 8,000 were “D” models. Today, only about 150 airworthy examples of Mustangs exist world-wide in museums, flying or under restoration. Gunfighter was built in the Inglewood, California North American plant and accepted into the USAAF in March, 1945. That month, it was shipped to England, where it was assigned to the famous 'Mighty Eighth' Air Force. In July of 1945, after the War ended in Europe, it was returned to the U.S. and assigned... ...

    For nearly 40 years, "Gunfighter" has been thrilling Airshow crowds, and providing dream flights for lucky riders throughout the United States. Our goal is to honor our veterans and serve their families by keeping alive the sights and sounds of this great aircraft! Make a point of coming to see us at one of our Airshow appearances or ride event stops this year!

    Tarkio, MO

    Wing Nuts Flying Circus More Info

    Wingnuts Flying Circus Airshow and Fly-in which will take place at Gould Peterson Memorial Airport (K57) on July 13, 2019 in Tarkio, Missouri. This event will bring general aviation pilots, aviation industry leaders, government officials and Members of Congress together to share our mutual passion for flying. The Wingnuts will host an aviation town hall meeting on Saturday morning to discuss the issues facing general aviation today. This is going to be a spectacular event and we would be honored to have your attendance to help make it a success. Food and drinks will be available throughout the day. If you would like to fly in the day before, Friday the 12th, there will be a dusk... ...
    Dallas, TX

    CAF Warbird Tube – P-51 Mustang Gunfighter More Info

    Online Event

    CAF Warbird Tube – P-51 Mustang Gunfighter. Join pilot Larry Lumpkin, pilot and sponsor of the CAF’s P-51 Mustang called Gunfighter. Learn the history of the craft, what it takes to keep her flying, and how much it means to people to get a chance to see a real Mustang. Register online at

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