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  • PT-19 More Info

    The Fairchild PT-19 (with 12 variants) is a two seat trainer that was used by the USAAC/USAAF and fifteen other countries. This fixed landing gear tail-dragger, with an open cockpit, uses an inline engine which makes for a narrow front, allowing for good visibility. Nick-named “The Cradle of Heroes” for its significant role in preparing fledgling pilots for combat, the number of surviving, airworthy, PT-19?s is estimated to be less than 100.

    SNJ-5 Texan More Info

    The North American SNJ/T-6 Texan is an advanced trainer developed in 1935, which has been used by forces from sixty countries. The U.S. Navy designated it the SNJ, and in the British Commonwealth countries it is known as the Harvard. The distinctive Texan triangular rudder was added after several model designation changes. Approximately one-third of the total produced (5,035 of 15,495) were delivered to the U.S. Navy. In 1937 Mitsubushi purchased two original prototypes (NA-16) for demonstrators and for research into licensing for mass production. However, they produced an aircraft that bore very little resemblance to the prototype. Their aircraft(allied code name Oak) were used... ...

    T-28A Trojan Trojan More Trojan Info

    The North American T-28 Trojan began life in 1949 as the NA-159/XT-28. There are nine variants that have been used by twenty-eight different countries. It is a single engine trainer that was designed to replace the venerable T-6 Texan. It was used by the USAF until the early 1960?s, and by the Navy (Marine Corps/Coast Guard) into the early 1980?s. A T-28 was the first fixed wing attack aircraft lost in South Vietnam (a total of 23 were lost). While it is common knowledge that T-28?s were used in combat in Vietnam, it is not generally known that the T-28 was the first fighter aircraft employed by the North Vietnamese Air Force. This happened after a Laotian T-28 pilot defected to... ...

    L-17 Navion Navion More Navion Info

    The North American L-17/Ryan Navion (with 13 variants) was originally designed for the civilian general aviation market in the late 1940?s. North American felt that since it was based along the lines of their P-51 Mustang, it would catch on quickly. It soon attracted the attention of the USAAF which ordered 83 of the L-17A versions to be used to train university ROTC cadets.

    Because this aircraft was produced by so many different companies (North American, Ryan Aeronautical and TUSCO) and due to continual modifications, there really are no two Navions that are alike.

    C-45 Expeditor Spirit of West Texas More Spirit of West Texas Info

    The Beechcraft Model 18 (“Twin Beech”) is the most modified U.S.-certified aircraft design, with over 200 FAA approved Supplemental Type Certificates on record. This twin-engine tail-dragger, used by forty-three countries, can accommodate up to 11 people, and has been utilized in such varied activities as aerial spraying, dry ice cloud seeding, firefighting, medical transport, navigation training, skydiving and skywriting. One of the most recognizable features of the Twin Beech are the twin tail fins. It is, however, sometimes mistaken for the larger Lockheed Electra (made famous by Amelia Earhart). While smaller 330 hp or 350 hp engines were used in early models, the 450 hp Pratt &... ...

    L-5 Sentinel More Info

    The Stinson L-5 Sentinel, while only produced between 1942 and 1945, was a favorite workhorse on the battlefield and was used by all branches of the US Military as well as the British Royal Air Force. It was purpose-built to be a military aircraft and had no civilian counterpart. While almost 3,900 L-5s were built, only 115 of the L-5G model were constructed, making ours somewhat of a rarity. The sturdy Sentinel proved it’s worth on the battle field during both World War II and the Korean conflict in such varied capacities as: delivering personnel to, and the wounded from, the battle field, aerial photography, controlling vehicle convoys, para-dropping food, supplies and ammunition,... ...

    The mission of the High Sky Wing is to reconnect the Permian Basin and its visitors to the societal and economic impact of Midland Army Air Field and the sacrifices made by West Texans in that history. By coupling educational exhibits and historical aircraft, the High Sky Wing seeks to provide multiple generations of West Texans a moment of reflection and commemoration.

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